Curriculum Vitae

Marilyn Yalom
Institute for Research on Women and Gender
Stanford University
Stanford, Ca, 94305
(415) 723-1994
Biographical sketch of Marilyn Yalom


1963 Ph.d. Comparative Literature, Johns Hopkins University Dissertation: The Myth of the Trial in the Works of Camus and Kafka (With Distinction) Dissertation Director René Girard

1956 M. A. T., French, German, Harvard University

1954 B. A. in French, Wellesley College (Honors in French)

1953 Diplôme de Littérature Contemporaine, University of Paris/Sorbonne (Mention honorable)


1987- Present Senior scholar, Michelle Clayman Institute for Gender Research, Stanford University (unsalaried)

1976-1987 Deputy Director, Institute for Research on Women and Gender; Lecturer, Modern Thought and Literature Program, Stanford University

1963-1976 Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Profesor of Foreign Languages, California State University / Hayward

1961-1962 Instructor in French, University of Hawaii


Finalist for Christian Gauss Phi Beta Kappa Book Award [for her book How the French Invented Love, 2012].

Finalist for American Library in Paris Book Award [for her book How the French Invented Love, 2012].

Wellesley College Alumnae Achievement Award, February 28, 2013.

Certificate of Recognition “honoring extraordinary leadership in the literary arts and continued commitment to ensuring the quality of reading [through her book The American Resting Place: Four Hundred Years of History] thereby benefiting the people of the City and County of San Francisco and the State of California.” 2004

Officier des Palmes Academiques awarded by the French government, 1992

American Council of Learned Societies, Travel grant , 1992, $3000

Residence at Rockefeller Research and Conference Center, Bellagio, Italy, April 1988

California Council for the Humanities, "Dialogues with Western Women Writers," 1980, $10,000 (Principal Investigator)

National Institute of Education, "Dissemination of Research findings on Women," 1979, $18,519 (Co-Investigator)

National Endowmant for the Humanities #EP-28712-78-147, "The Female Experience: Victorian Heritage," 1978-79, $49,953 (Project Director)


I. Books

The Social Sex: A History of Female Friendship, with Theresa Donovan Brown (HarperCollins, Sept. 2015), under contract for German, French, Polish and Korean translations.

How the French Invented Love: Nine Hundred Years of Passion and Romance (HarperCollins, 2012); French , German, Portuguese, Russian, Polish editions, 2013; Chinese forthcoming.

The American Resting Place: Four Hundred Years of History
Through Our Cemeteries and Burial Grounds
(May 15, 2008

Birth of the Chess Queen (New York: Harper Collins, 2004)

A History of the Wife (New York: Harper Collins, 2001)

A History Of the Breast (New York: Knopf, 1997)

Blood Sisters: The French Revolution in Women's Memory (New York: Basic Books, 1993 - London: Pandora/Oram, 1998)

Le Temps des Orages: Aristocrates, Bourgeoises, et Paysannes Racontent (Paris: Editions Maren Sell, 1989)

Maternity, Mortality, and the Literature of Madness (University Park and London: Penn State Press, 1985)

II. Edited Books

Inside the American Couple: New Thinking, New Challenges, ed. Marilyn Yalom and Laura Carstensen, (University of California Press, 2002)

Rethinking the Family: Some Feminist Questions ed. Barrie Thorne with M. Yalom (New York: Longman, 1982); Second Edition (Boston: Northeastern University Press, 1992)

Revealing Lives: Autobiography, Biography, and Gender, ed. With Susan Groag Bell. Includes our introduction and my essay on Adele Hugo (Albany: State University of New York Press, 1990).

Rebecca Kosier Newcomer, A Mother's Journal for Her Son, 1887-1908, ed. And introduced by M. Yalom (Santa Barbara: Capra Press, 1988).

Coming to Light: American Women Poets in the Twentieth Century, ed. with Diane Middlebrook (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1985). Includes my chapter on Sylvia Plath.

Women Writers of the West Coast, ed. M. Yalom (Santa Barbara: Capra Press, 1983). Includes my introduction and chapter on Tillie Olsen.

Victorian Women: A Documentary Account of Women's Lives in Nineteenth-Century England, France, and the United States, General editors: Hellerstein, Hume, and Offen; Associate editors: Freedmen, Gelpi, and Yalom (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1981). Part IV "The Older Woman" and many French translations throughout book by Yalom.

Every Day Gets a Little Closer: A Twice-Told Therapy, by Irvin D. Yalom and Ginny Elkin, ed. And introduced by M. Yalom (Basic Books, 1974).

III. Articles

Preface to The Libertine (New York: Abbeville Press, 2013), pp. 6-7.

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“Qu’est-ce que l’homme?” (Response to the question “What is man?”) Sciences et Avenir, jan./fév., 2012.

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IV. Review Articles

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