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The Amorous HeartThe Amorous Heart: An Unconventional History of Love
by Marilyn Yalom
Basic Books,
to be published January 9, 2018

The Social SexThe Social Sex: A History of Female Friendship
by Marilyn Yalom with Theresa Donovan Brown
a Harper Perennial Paperback,
September, 2015

How the French Invented Love:
Nine Hundred years of Passion and Romance

by Marilyn Yalom
a HarperCollins Perennial Paperback,
October, 2012

Publisher's SummaryThe American Resting Place:
Four Hundred Years of History
Through Our Cemeteries and Burial Grounds

by Marilyn Yalom, photography by Reid S. Yalom
May 15, 2008

Publisher's SummaryBirth of the Chess Queen
Hardcover - 304 pages
HarperCollins Publishers, Inc., 2004

Publisher's SummaryInside the American Couple:
New Thinking, New Challenges

Marilyn Yalom and Laura Carstensen, eds.
University of California Press, 2002

Publisher's SummaryA History of the Wife
Hardcover - 464 pages
HarperCollins Publishers, Inc., 2001

Publisher's SummaryA History of the Breast
Hardcover - 352 pages
Alfred A. Knopf , 1997
Distributed by Random House, Inc.

Publisher's SummaryBlood Sisters :
The French Revolution in Women's Memory

Basic Books, 1993
Paperback $12.50. (Hardcover is out of print.)
Order from Independent Publishers Group,
814 North Franklin St, Chicago, Ill 60610
tel 312 337 0747, fax 312 337 5985

Publisher's SummaryCompelled to Witness: Women's Memoirs of the French Revolution
Astor & Lenox, 2015
Kindle $9.99.
This is an electronic version of Blood Sisters (see above).

Revealing LivesRevealing Lives: Autobiography, Biography, and Gender
Susan Groag Bell and Marilyn Yalom, Editors
State University of New York Press, January 1991
Hardcover (used): $4.80 at

Revealing LivesRethinking the Family: Some Feminist Questions
Barrie Thorne and Marilyn Yalom, Editors
Northeastern University Press, 1992
Hardcover: $13.64 at

Publisher's SummaryMaternity, Mortality,
and the Literature of Madness

Hardcover - 133 pages
Pennsylvania State University Press, 1985
(out of print, available from the )

Coming to Light:
American Women Poets in the Twentieth Century

Diane Wood Middlebrook and Marilyn Yalom, Editors
University of Michigan Press, January 1985
Paperback $18.95. (Hardcover is out of print.)
Order from University of Michigan Press
c/o Perseus Distribution
1094 Flex Dr.
Jackson, TN 38301

Women Writers of the West Coast: Speaking of Their Lives and Careers
Marilyn Yalom (Editor)
Photos by Margo Davis
Capra Press 1983
Available in Paperback from